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The Law Office of Vic Sasso is located on the southeast corner of University and Central Expressway.

The Law Office of Vic Sasso
6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 309
Dallas, TX 75206

Office 214.265.5547
Mobile 214.690.8846
Fax 214.919.7248


Heading north on Central Expressway, take the Mockingbird exit. Stay in a center lane, cross the light. Cross the next light at SMU Blvd and continue to proceed north. The street after Cafe Express is Fondren. Pass it. Prior to the signal, there is a turn into the parking garage. Slow down and turn right into the parking garage.

Heading south on Central Expressway, take the Lover’s Lane exit. Proceed south to the first signal, University. Turn left (east). Just after crossing the northbound service road, turn right (south) into the parking garage.

If there are cars, wait until a valet comes to your car. They will take care of you from there. If you miss the turn in, you can turn right (east) at the signal and enter through the north entrance.


Parking is VALET ONLY. It is FREE, but it is required. Please stop behind any cars in line, or at the sign that states, Free Valet Parking. Valets will park your car and hold your keys until you return. When you are leaving, tell one of the valets your make and model of car and they will bring it to you. Tips are always welcome, but most assuredly, not required, nor expected.